Website Design & Development

We are there for our clients at every stage of the design process, we help them to develop their business identities and also ensure that they deliver the best of experiences to their customers through their websites…

Website Design Services Include:


Custom Website Projects Include:

All it takes is three video calls to get it started. Yes, content strategy sessions comprising three video calls that helps in strategizing and organizing your brand-new website. It also helps coordinate better with your design and development team.

We present you with well-planned, well-thought out custom content questionnaires for every single page of your website. These would have questions specifically designed to help us collect all vital information that would serve to sum up and communicate your business on the web.

The next step would be to curate professional copy content for your web pages. This is done by professional copywriters, who would curate custom website copy based on your completed questionnaires. The writers’ team would come up with engaging, SEO-formatted text for your web website.

Next in the line is planning and executing the very foundational SEO framework for your website. Our team, comprising well-informed SEO professionals, would research on keywords and market content as well, and then take care of different aspects of SEO including keyword implementation, image optimization, installing Google Analytics, proper planning of metadata and alt texts, installing Search console and finally a very thought-out planning as regards submitting website to Google post launch.

You can view the development of your website at all stages; we share with you the private password that we use during the development and hence complete transparency and creative access is assured during the website’s build.

Private password-protected development website allowing you to view your website’s build at any time and on any device or platform. Providing complete transparency and creative access through the website’s build.

We offer you six custom website pages, including the Home Page, About Page, and the Contact Page, plus 3 additional pages which can be planned in accordance to your business needs. These pages you could use to include Testimonials, FAQs etc or to add details about your resources, services etc.

We offer as many as three legal pages, wherein things like Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Terms of Service pertaining to your business, or any other legal disclaimer could be included.

We also offer you the option to choose from either a Standard Blog (which would include a primary blog feed page and a styled single post layout) or a custom Portfolio Gallery which would have up to 10 unique galleries that can be used for case studies or individual projects.

The custom contact form that we design for you would help you to get necessary feedbacks from customers/clients or potential clients and would also help to gather important information other than the basics (name, email etc)

This is something that would help you to organize your business better; we connect and integrate in the website all external subscriptions, social media feeds or CRM that you use for streamlining the onboarding/subscription process of your business.

We ensure that we provide our clients with completely responsive websites across all kinds of devices, including mobile devices. This helps you in connecting better with your clients/customers and give them a thoroughly consistent online experience no matter whatever design they use to access your website.

This is something that we pay utmost attention to. We ensure that any website that we develop for our clients is secured with SSL protection. Yes, all websites are protected with SSL certificates. This is vital as regards ensuring the security of all data that’s communicated through your website including your business data and the personal/financial data of your customers as well. Moreover, in the present context, having SSL protection bestows credibility upon any business.

We ensure total, uncompromised support to our clients throughout their project’s development timeline, thereby being available at all times on phone (including video calls). Thus, we’d be there to meet you virtually whenever you desire and walk you through each phase of the website development.

We always ensure that we are available for 72 hours post the live-launch of our clients’ websites. Thus, we ensure providing of additional support through the launch process and we also ensure that the clients get acquainted with the new websites.

We provide your developer with a live, one-on-one video teaching session post the website launch, thus ensuring a thorough virtual tour through every aspect of website management. Thus, we ensure that you are thoroughly confident as regards working with your new WordPress website.

Additional Websight Design Add-ons

We have in our collection many other add-ons that could be of your use. We provide, as additional add-ons, additional internal page designs, extended blog functionality (as suits your needs), eCommerce design & development, video/ motion graphic support as per your needs, additional custom forms/ questionnaires, different kinds of portfolio galleries etc.

Some of our most recent work.

Our Process Is Our Strength

Partner with us, plan your website the way you want it to be. Plan your website so that it helps your clients engage with your brand in a better manner and aids the expansion of your business in the best of ways…

All website design projects take between 8 to 10 weeks to complete (depending completely upon client response time and the scope of the project).

Our Website Design Process:


Website Design FAQs

What to do in case I require more than the custom design package you offer?

We work for the client and not for ourselves. Hence, though we begin with planning a website with the bare essentials that a business often needs, we are thoroughly flexible and open to building a unique package that would suit a customer’s needs as well as tastes. Hence, if you feel that the custom design we provide, which would be the most effective starting point of your website, is not just what you feel you need, we would only be happy to serve you. It’s your website, and the first design that we provide is just a skeleton, a starting point. Our design team would take off from there as per your plans and instructions and help build your dream website.

Would I be having access to the website during the build?

Definitely. Our websites are all developed as “Staging” websites, which are password-protected live websites that allow our clients to track and follow each and every step of the build. The client gets to view the website on any kind of device, thereby being able to get a clear picture of how their customers/clients would be seeing/experiencing the website.

Is there a cap on the edits that I get to make?

Not at all. Since we build all our websites on staging sites, our clients have constant access to their websites and hence are open to making faster edits and changes, as frequently as they wish to do. We’d instead encourage our clients to send/ suggest any and all edits, as and when they feel, so that the updates can be made immediately so as to enable the clients to check and see the changes reflecting on their staging websites.

Are there any la carte website design services that you offer?

We don’t currently offer any la carte design services. Our endeavour at present is to offer complete website builds as well as redesgins. We believe in delivering our clients with the perfect website that they need, we endeavour to do it right the first time itself. We strive to put in all the details and website elements that would help our client create the kind of business impact that they desire to make with their website. Hence, we don’t ever offer la carte website design services…we don’t build single pages or offer to make edits on already existing websites.

What are the additional costs that could occur during the completion of a project?

Our constant endeavour is to maintain utmost transparency during the build process, thereby ensuring that there are no unnecessary additional charges, surprise fees etc. Additional costs that may come up include licensing fees for special plugins, media or artwork and/or costs for additional design time (time beyond the contracted timeframe). We always make sure that whenever extra elements need to be put in, we try to provide clients with both free and paid options, as far as is practically possible.

What are the other deliverables that come with the website design package?

Well, our endeavour is to consistently provide you the support that you need in running your website, with all confidence, post launch. Thus, we’d include, via a shared Dropbox folder post launch, any custom design graphics/templates that is part of your website’s design. We also manage and deliver a custom private YouTube library of tutorial videos, which you could use for future reference; this would be of great help to you in managing and maintaining your website.
What are the things that follow after the launch of the website?
During the launch week itself, we host a “teaching session”, which brings together the client and the developer and offers a detailed walk through the website. Custom tutorial videos are recorded during this process so that they could be used for future references and for help in managing/maintaining the website. Once the project is finished, we also offer further technical support, details of which are discussed post launch.
Who takes care of the content in the website, including the text, images, media etc?
We seek to provide a collaborative experience. We have in our team writers and editors who would definitely assist when it comes to preparing your website’s copy. As mentioned on our website, we have a series of questionnaires that clients would need to fill out in detail at the outset; this is important as regards polishing content so as to suit clients’ needs and tastes. This helps plan the content in a collaborative manner.
How is the hosting aspect managed?
We commence the building of the website on a staging website on our own server. Hence, there’s no question of website hosting in the initial stages of the build. The hosting thing comes in just before the launch of the website. We’d notify you about deadlines pertaining to this and would also assist you thoroughly in purchasing and setting up the right hosting, one that suits your website’s needs. In case you already have your own hosting, that could be maintained as such, or, if you desire, we could even help you move over to another hosting company.

What are the preliminary preparations needed before the website build is commenced?
Since each single website is custom, built in accordance with the respective client’s needs and tastes, we would provide a detailed list of what all is needed, during our initial strategy sessions. Your investment is the most important pre-requisite. This investment is not just about the costs involved, it also includes your total involvement. We want our clients to ensure that they are accessible and available for feedback, edits, revisions, weekly design meetings etc.
I need a website. So, what should I do? How to begin the process?
You just need to contact us through our Contact Page Inquiry Form. Then, you’ll get a link to schedule your first design consult with us. That initiates the process. Following this design consult, we’ll form transparent ideas about each other and we would form a clear idea about your business, your website design needs etc and you’d also be able to re-assure yourself that we’re the website developers that you are looking for.
How soon should I book my website with you?
Since we strive to offer utmost attention to the details of each single website that we build, we take on not more than one or two projects per month. Hence, we tend to book our projects out between two to four months. So, if you go for it at the earliest, you’d be able to grab the most ideal spot in our schedule. We sometimes book out months in advance. This is because we aim at detailed planning and organizing of all projects and also because once work on a website is commenced, we always seek to move fast and steady.
What about the payment process?
Payments for our projects are to be made in three instalments, with one-third being paid upfront at the time of booking, one-third by the stat date of the project and the last one-third at the end of the project, immediately before the launch. Payments, in total, are due prior to the launch of the website.
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