Social Media Marketing for Businesses

You must have often heard the term Social Media Marketing and wondered what it is and how it works. To put it simply, SMM is just another form of internet marketing that helps you achieve your marketing goals by creating, sharing and promoting your content on various social media platforms. 

This decade has seen SMM developing as a powerful way of promoting businesses by making them visible to a larger group of audiences. It allows you to speak directly to your customers. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you can advertise and create a brand image, all of which leads to a drive in sales and business expansion. 

You can achieve a large number of business goals, using SMM as a tool. Apart from raising brand awareness, you can increase the traffic on your website and the circle of your customers. The larger the number of audiences you engage on social media, the higher is the acceleration of your business towards its marketing goals!

In this world of screens, you cannot just sell your business through files and handshakes. SMM has brought a revolution in the business world enabling you to connect with more and more customers. SMM has become very important for every kind of business to keep up with the pace of the fast-moving world.

Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

The best thing about social media marketing is that everybody can start it, from big businesses to small firms. Tai Lopez, a member of The Oracles, spent $20 million on social media experiments, trying to find out what works for SMM and what doesn’t. You too can start with SMM with not so tricky steps to reach your marketing goals.

  • Become active on social media. Start with yourself; market through your accounts and attract and convince your potential customers.
  • Focus on suitable audiences. There are audiences to which your product and services are relevant, and then there is a group who is not the right audience for your marketing strategies. Be shrewd in selecting the right audience so that they can turn into high-value clients.
  • Build trust with your clients, your success with clients would make you seem more credible to the potential customers.
  • Make your Social Media Marketing engaging and entertaining. This would attract more followers and thus increase your client base.
  • Keep track of your marketing results, this would help you know where you stand and how much have you progressed which in turn would help you decide the amount of effort and direction needed.

The target for Digital Marketing Services

Almost every business today has a digital plan for itself, and SEO has proven itself to be a good strategy for all the industries. Everybody can benefit from digital marketing, however not every business has the benefit potential from SMM. Some gain more from it, and some, less.

Industries that make the most out of digital marketing should be targeted for these services.


  • For Startups and Small Scale Businesses, social media marketing is the easiest and the most cost-efficient marketing strategy out there.


  • Companies that provide Online Services need a large number of web users and this, they can quickly achieve by SMM.
  • Companies that are highly specialized have very relevant audiences and less competition. Thus, they have more keyword opportunities.
  • Medical professionals specialize in a specific field and thus have lesser competition and greater keyword opportunities. 



Legal Professionals also enjoy the same benefits that medical professionals do. They too, need SMM to appear on local and relevant searches.


Top 10 Email Marketing Services to Generate Leads

Email marketing is a great way to boost leads, and there are many email marketing service providers in the industry. Here is a list of the best 10.


  1. MailGet Bolt

It is the best email marketing service provider for promotional purposes. It offers Email building and contact segmentation at meager prices.


  1. GetResponse

They specialize in conducting mail campaigns that generate high conversations.


  1. Constant Contact

Constant contact is the most comfortable and the most beginner friendly email marketing service and is also a large and rapidly growing network.


  1. CovertKit

CovertKit is a great email marketing platform for bloggers and marketers. It is also straightforward to use.


  1. Adestra

Adestra is a mass mailing solution that offers a large number of data security properties.


  1. Hems Mail

Hems Mail is a very affordable email marketing service that enables you to send emails to the relevant audience and track your progress.


  1. Jango Mail

This email marketing service enables you to send automated, triggered and scheduled emails with affordable packages.


  1. AWeber

AWeber is another email marketing service that comes at affordable prices with a large number of features.


  1. MailChimp

They are popular email marketing service providers who offer great tools and smooth consumer support.


  1. Drip

They provide a number of smart features that enable you to reach targeted and specific audiences from your email list.

10 Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Website Traffic

Surprisingly, there are many ways of driving website traffic and increasing your customer base; listed below are the top ten of them.

  1. Use social media marketing and paid search to attract potential customers. This is an excellent way of building a brand name and creating a broader audience for your products and services.
  2. Promote your content on social media. 
  3. Optimize your contents for search engines! It helps boost your organic traffic a lot more than you can imagine.
  4. Guest blog. Doing this on a reputable site can hit the traffic on your website.
  5. Make good use of email marketing but remember not to spam.
  6. Write a good headline; without it, even the greatest of the posts would get lost among the millions on the internet.
  7. Invite others to guest blog. It is highly likely that they would share a link of their guest post on their websites, thus creating an audience for you from theirs.
  8. Make sure that your website is easily accessible for all devices and responsive to the customers.
  9. Technically optimize your pages as much as possible. This makes your site faster and hence friendlier.
  10. 10. Use Google Analytics. It is a valuable tool for keeping an eye on your analytics data.

7 Steps of Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2019

Crafting effective social media marketing strategies for your business goals can be a little challenging. Here is some help.

  1. Set the media goals that suit your company goals. Looking at how can social media impact your overall business, helps you set the right targets.
  2. Analyze your current social media status. The evaluation would tell you what works for your business and what doesn’t. This way, you can plan your strategies better.
  3. Know your audience. This will help you add relevance to your SMM strategies; when you know your audience, you know what they want.
  4. Now that when you know your audience and potential customers, curate your content to be useful and attractive to them. Keeping the potential customers interested is the key.
  5. Keep a watch on how your competitors are performing. Analyzing their social media marketing performance would help you accomplish two things- you would know where you stand and you will be able to learn from their mistakes and successes.
  6. Keep your social media accounts alive; post exciting contents regularly
  7. Various marketing tools would help you create a brand identity; a brand identity is crucial for getting clients and customers from the audience.

Earn Money through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has proven itself to be a great way of making money online. You must be wondering how. 


If you are a successful blogger, you can make a lot of money by advertising on your website. This is done through Google Adsense. You get a percent based on the number of clicks the ads get. 


Posting video tutorials and vlogging is another excellent way of making money through digital marketing. YouTube has a massive number of users, and this makes it a robust platform for earning through videos.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the oldest kind of digital marketing; you subscribe to something and then through yourself, you create more affiliates; you get a share on every new affiliate you create. It continues the same for the new affiliates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has a potential to reach millions of customers with a single click. Thus, it can help advertise to a larger group of audience and hence make money.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing through SMS and push notifications is another trend in digital marketing. You can offer your services and send bulk messages; this proves as a great way for local entrepreneurs to develop their business.


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