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How can one live life to the fullest? 

Life, as we all know, is beautiful, bizarre at times but beautiful. Living your best life or living life to the fullest is what everyone strives for. That’s the end goal. To look back and see that you lived not only for yourself but for others.

Fulfillment is subjective. What keeps you satisfied won’t make the other person happy. But in the end, it isn’t as complicated as everyone makes it out to be. We are all humans. Flesh and bones.

A life of fulfillment at the ground level first comes from knowing who you indeed are. Not everybody’s made up a perception of you. The Real You. The one that wants to say yes, when you say no. Once you seek yourself out, happiness and fulfillment are bound to follow.

Treat every day like an adventure, a new beginning to all your past doings. So try to do something or take up something challenging which not only stimulates you mentally but also enriches you as a whole.

Find your motive and purpose, as Winston Churchill rightly said, “It should not be enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something”. Find that something, that purpose that makes you wake up every day with a fiery passion and don’t stop working towards it.

And lastly, just love. 


What do you do to motivate yourself when you are about to give up?  

Life is all about challenges and struggle. With the occasional happiness comes the occasional sadness. You might have experienced moments where you felt like you could move a mountain and the next moment you feel like you are slogging around in an abyss.

In moments of absolute darkness, all you need to do is hold on and not give up.

Personally for me, in my darkest days what really helps me to continue striving forward are these following steps: 

  • Have a clear head. Everything falls into line when you think clearly. Stress blocks out creativity and intellect. You may find yourself going dumb for literally the most natural of things. That’s what stress does. It induces nothing but anxiety and anxiousness. Lay down your solutions and focus on the roadblocks one at a time. It will do wonders!
  • Get yourself out of the negative slump. Think positively and have an optimistic approach towards everything. Don’t just sulk around because sulking won’t make anything better. All it does is extend the getting over period which leads to pangs of guilt and unhappiness. 
  • Put in the right effort in the right places. Sometimes we get too distracted at all the extra background noise and lose focus on the bigger picture. Jolt yourself in the right frame of mind to prioritize things and make a checklist of it. Focus on achieving your end goal and cut out all the distractions.


What are some habits that are good to get into? 

Habits make or break a person. What you choose to indulge in every day, your entire life defines you as an individual for the remainder of your life. Instilling good habits aid in getting the most out of everything you do.

Here’s a list of habits you should indulge in for a successful, happy life

  • The habit of reading. Cultivate the habit of reading every day. Whether it’s a newspaper, journal, magazine or a book, reading inspires and motivates you. It opens you up to the roundabouts of the world and everything going around you. You become more self-aware and liberal. Reading is the key to successful personal growth.
  • Exercise. Fueling your body is not the only thing for a healthy and sound mind. What your body needs is appropriately balanced nutrition and working out to get off the excess unwanted fat and gunk from your body. Exercising every day whether it’s a full 2-hour session in the gym or a brisk walk in the evening contributes to a healthy body in the long run.
  • Prioritize your goals and objectives. Prioritizing is the key to leading a stress-free life. When you are clear about your goals, everything falls into place. Be headstrong, and you will easily overcome difficulties with ease.


What is your motivation for going to the gym? 

My motivation for going to the gym is myself. Ever since I could remember I’ve always strived for a perfect body. The description of an ideal body is entirely subjective. For others it may be weighing 50 kgs with barely no body fat or for others it may be more muscle definition. It’s a different answer for everyone. For me achieving a sound body and being physically fit is a stepping stone towards achieving my objectives. After a good workout session, I feel lighter and so much better. You see yourself working day by day, increasing your stamina. For example, my first day at the gym was pure torture, I could barely complete 15 mins of running on the treadmill and went home sore with almost every muscle of my body in pain. But now a month later, I can see myself doing workouts that I could have never even dreamed about on the first day. Working out 4 times a week keeps me not only physically fit but mentally as well. Consistency and patience is the key. I have learned that through sheer willpower and persistence any obstruction can be overcome whether it is physical or metaphorical, it’s just a matter of your willpower and determination.


What are the lessons you have learned from the Kerala flood? 

The Kerala floods wreaked havoc in the entire state. Nature’s fury unleashed massive destruction and loss of life. It was a state of national concern and emergency. Kerala floods brought about the unity of the people. The lessons I learned from the Kerala flood center on compassion and kindness. People from all walks of life did their share in contributing towards the aid and welfare of the people in need. Red alert was issued in all the 14 states, and millions of people became homeless. They lost their land, their livelihood, everything. But humanity rose through, and compassion and kindness took over.

Help came from everywhere. College kids organized donation camps nationwide. Emergency camps were set at every place. Provisions were made to provide food aid and relief from every state. The media also provided its fair share of help by broadcasting a mass coverage which brought the issue out more to the ordinary people. The common people went out into the streets to help those in distress. Army personnel’s jumped in to save people with no hesitation towards their own well-being. The Kerala floods brought the whole nation together. Entire India stood united for Gods own land.


What kind of real-life people fascinate you?

My fascination with people varies on three qualities.

I’m completely amazed by people who have a heart of gold. A heart so pure and clean it leaves me wondering how a person can be that angelic. I have seen people (not a lot) that genuinely go all out for those in need even when it comes to sacrificing their personal need, they do it all for the greater good. For the well-being and need of others, they are ready to take any measure, whatsoever needed.

Another kind of people I’m amazed by are the complete opposite. They are like real life spawns of Satan. Evil and maliciousness run in their veins. They can’t see other people except for them happy. Always on the brink of sabotaging other people’s happiness for their selfish motives. They would go all out and do anything for their personal gain no matter what it takes.

Lastly, people who are opinionated. Everybody holds the right to an opinion, and everybody does. No two people can be the same. Views are an entitlement of every human being, but not a lot of them are expressive and vocal about it. They dilute it a lot to fit society’s standards and norms. But certain people are unabashed. They speak what they think no matter how crude or rash. If it’s their belief, they make it a point to let the world know about it and don’t back down from the negative criticism because what’s right is right.


What three habits can transform my life completely?

The habit of reading. Books are man’s best friend. Books open you up into a world of amazement and wonder. You learn and get inspired. Your thoughts become more liberal, you become more action-oriented, and it makes you think. We, human beings, as we grow up seem to get in a redundant trap of getting up, going to work and coming back home. Adulthood seems to end all aspects of creativity and wonders you had as a child. Reading changes that. Reading brings out a wide array of things. It makes you think. It makes you question the workings of the world and the society. Curiosity is always needed no matter how old and grave.

The habit of self-discipline. Self-discipline is the key to a successful life. Learn when to say NO. Be mindful of people who take advantage of you. Cultivate habits that would aid you in the long run. Stop procrastinating and stalling things. Take up an objective and be sure to complete it in the required set time. Push yourself to work towards your goals and objectives. Never let the obstacles get the best of you. Rise through, and the world is yours.

The habit of compassion. In the end, we are all just mortals in need of something. Everybody is going through their own set of problems and braving challenges. What you can do at the least is be kind and show empathy towards everyone. Be mindful of the words you say and always be ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.


What is the best way to combat low motivation from depression? 

Depression affects almost everyone. Even the best. It slowly creeps in and sucks the life out of you. Stress, anxiety, lack of inspiration are significant factors of depression that wreak havoc on everyday life. People suffering from depression tend to find themselves unmotivated to pursue anything. Even the most meager of tasks can seem daunting.

Every problem has its cure. Low motivation from depression can be combated through various steps. 

Staying away from negativity. You need to learn to distance yourself from toxicity. Whether its toxic people or a poisonous environment, negativity can harbor self-love and fill a person up with loathing and misery. Negativity leads you to over think and over analyze everything. When you are consistently over analyzing every minuscule thing, life can seem extremely challenging even though it is not. Brave yourself towards every situation and keep a positive outlook towards everything. There’s always a silver lining no matter how gray the skies appear to be.

Persistence. It may seem hard to keep on going and not to give up when battling the dark shadows of depression but being persistent is the key to winning this battle. Keep on going no matter how hard. Try to set little objectives and goals to complete each day. It won’t be far when you succeed in achieving your goal.


Why isn’t career building the only goal of education? 

Education is our fundamental right. It is the key towards the prosperity and success of an individual and of a community. It opens doors to liberalism and freedom of speech, thought, and action. The world wouldn’t be where it is without its inhabitants educated. A thriving community anywhere consists of its citizens aiming towards a peaceful, rightful world. A world where everyone is entitled towards his fundamental need of learning and knowledge.

Even though building a career plays an essential role in the build-up of a person, but it is not the only end goal. You may have a successful career but still feel empty inside. Did you come all this way, gain extensive knowledge only to be stuck in an unending cycle of repetition and redundancy? The answer is NO. Gaining knowledge and education opens various doors. Not only does it help in building a prosperous career it also teaches you to be self-aware of yourself and your surroundings. Education teaches you to be a better human being. To know the difference between right and wrong. To be mindful of your actions towards your fellow beings. Education liberates a person and provides the key to overall self-development.


What motivates you in your daily life? 

My goals and objectives motivate me towards my daily life. For me, it’s a constant competition with myself. I strive every day to be the best version of myself that I can be. It’s about achieving and being better than you were yesterday and for the days to come. As a human being, I do have my moments where I get uninspired and fall in a slump. Followed by days of sulking and self-guilt. But I always remind myself not to let these insignificant things get to me. I make sure to get myself out of the same pattern and not to get stuck on a thing. To find new and more efficient ways to work towards achieving my goals. To push myself to my very best extent and to strive for the very best. Another source of motivation for me is to learn from my past experiences and failures. It is rightfully said, “Failure is the stepping stone towards success.” I make it a point to learn from my wrongdoings and not repeat those same mistakes. To wake up every day and treat it as a new beginning. A clean slate to start over.


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