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Best digital strategy for Mobile App Marketing

With the advent of the internet and mobile phones, there is a boom in the field of Mobile Apps. Nowadays, each one of us has a computer in our hand, but this is the game of survival of the fittest. A lousy strategy means disaster and a good one means success. You can test the strategies stated here and taste success.

  • Advertising: Follow this age-old technique. Advertise on relevant platforms like Facebook, blogs, websites, Google & Bing etc.
  • ASO: App Store Optimization will be a great thing to do. Whenever a particular keyword is searched in an app store, apps which are most related to the same are shown. This technique will increase more traffic on your app.
  • Content Marketing: Ads do help, but it is the content that is the backbone of your app. Write the content creatively, narrating the experience, ease and utility of the app. Don’t sell the app, sell the experience.
  • Data: Data is the new oil. Just download Google Analytics. This will tell you the traffic, reach, monetization and much more stuff that will make your App sell.
  • Feedback: Be user-friendly. Try to understand the user base in terms of let’s say location, language, age group and etc. This helps in strategizing the market for the app even further.



Mobile applications that help Digital Marketers

In the virtual world, the task to navigate through can be daunting at times. To ease this problem and perform brightly there are excellent apps that assist the Digital Marketers in working in the smartest of ways. You will find these apps smoothening things for you:

  •  Hootsuite: A Digital Marketer uses endless social media apps from Facebook to Instagram. Hootsuite allows you to post the same thing on all the social media platforms at the same time.
  •  Flipboard: You are on the content team? Don’t worry! This app can be used to create content even when you are on the move, bring content creators together and navigate the web collecting ideas.
  •  Redbooth: You don’t want to go to the office? Unwell? Or Work from home? Then you might want to get hold of this app. It makes the collaboration easier with other people on the job. One can chat, file nicely and look for tasks which are in progress or are done.
  • Google Apps: Google is like the best internet buddy. Google provides you with a cluster of apps that give you the cutting edge in your business. Like Gmail, Docs, Maps etc.
  •  Evernote: A disarray of tasks could have a negative impact on your work. This app assists you to organize, and create writing pieces, to do lists, notes, reminders and many more.



Different from Digital marketing for websites and mobile apps

The hot debate of “Websites versus Mobile” is encountered by every digital marketer. The difference can be understood in terms of scope, user interface, and utility.

Websites offer more ease to navigate through the information of services and product in comparison to mobile apps. The user is supposed to download the app first and install it. That looks like a lot of work for the users and also there is trust deficit. On the other hand, websites are more accessible to search for information. 

Though there is a glitch in websites for digital marketing, a lot of traffic is garnered because of the users who like to jump from one tab to another. This does not happen in case of apps because only a user seriously considering your services will download the app and use it thereby, revealing the actual user base and interested users.

Websites act as a passive medium whereas apps are quite engaging with the user; being capable of showing ads, offers, catalogue, enquiry system etc.

Websites help in finding the information, and the apps keep the users hooked up. Both sites and mobile apps have their advantages and drawbacks which a Digital Marketer should be able to leverage.


Top 10 best app to learn online marketing

With the plethora of apps available, it is tough to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best ones.  Here is the handpicked list of the apps that will come handy if you are wishing to learn online marketing:

  1. Google Adwords: Google AdWords work on the basis of keywords where you bid on a keyword, and your ad is shown against that keyword when searched in Google.
  2. Google Analytics : It shows the traffic and performance of the site. 

III. Google AdSense : Use it for monetizing your blog and PPC campaign. 

  1. Google My Business : Maintain the local search presence with this app. 
  2. LinkedIn: This is also a great place to learn from the expert itself. 
  3. Udemy: Online Courses – Learn Anything, On Your Schedule : Udemy offers a range of courses on online marketing.

VII. edX | Online courses from the world’s best universities : edX is one of the most prominent apps bringing quality skills in hands.

  1. Coursera | Online Courses & Credentials by Top Educators. Join for Free

X. Evernote: It can even work when you are on the move and keeps your ideas organized.


Top 10 best book about marketing for my mobile app

Pundits of Digital Marketing are not afraid of sharing their secret formula. They have penned down quite a few books. This list will take you to the ride of top 10:

  1. App Marketing: Top Mobile App Monetization and Promotion Strategies
  2. The Mobile Native’s Guide to Marketing

III. The Appreneur Playbook: Game-Changing Mobile App Marketing Advice from the Pros

  1. App Marketing: The Unique App Marketing Strategy That Generates 100,000 Downloads In 7 Days
  2. Mobile App Marketing And Monetization: How To Promote Mobile Apps Like A Pro: Learn to promote and monetize your Android or iPhone app. Get hundreds of thousands of downloads & grow your app business
  3. How to Create, Market and Sell Apps. App Costs, Development, Tools, Planning, Tips, and Promoting Your App. Selling Apps & Marketing Apps.

VII. How to Build a Billion Dollar App: Discover the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time

VIII. 10 Experiments To Double Your App Revenue in 48 Hours: The Complete Guide To Boost Your Mobile App’s Revenue and Downloads Fast

  1. APP SECRETS: How To Create A Million Dollar App

X. Tap: Unlocking the Mobile Economy (The MIT Press)


Best distribution channels for app marketing

The competition in app marketing is a cutthroat one. With such a large number of apps, the chances of the users encountering your app reduce quite significantly. Hence here are the ways that can increase the distribution of your apps:

  • PPI networks: One of the best ways to promote your app is to PAY PER INSTALL. This gets attraction and higher rankings. You can decide between non-incentivized and incentivized downloads.
  • Online Advertisement: You can advertise on the websites and buy their ad space. For example, suppose your app specializes in clothes then you can display ads on fashion blogs.
  • Facebook Ad: Facebook gives you Facebook’s ad too with the help of which you can target a specific group of consumers based on age or gender etc.
  • Localization: There are apps which are supposed to be used by people speaking a particular language. Thus, Google has the ability to translate, and if you want things done more professionally, you can also hire an expert. 
  • Video: Release a video showing different features, interface and utility of the app.
  • Referrals: These days referrals are quite in vogue for app promotion. Just try giving coupons, discounts or any other gift on referring the app.

ABC of Android app marketing strategy

So far we came dealing with mobile apps, now we will discuss the fundamentals or as we say “ABC” of Android app marketing. It is the best to stick to some basics which are time-tested:

  • Social Media: Make a social media account on Facebook or Instagram and post updates daily. These platforms not only help to inform users but also connect the developer to the user. 
  • Blogging: Start posting blogs or you can also invite posts on the blogs from the users sharing their experience of using the app. This also increases the trust of the consumer.
  • Keep evolving features: Ask the current users to rate and tell the missing things in the app and keep on adding new features in your app to be in the market.
  • Product Page: Make a product page of the app. This allows the consumer to test the app even without downloading it. Use this AppSurfer- Try android apps in the browser. This allows the user to run your app on your product page.
  • Visual: Audio-video mediums and great graphics are enormous stimulators for the users to use the app. Hence make some videos showcasing the app and use fantastic graphics to score good traffic.


Mobile marketing method of learning

Many good sites and institutes are teaching both online and off-line mobile marketing. We have sorted some of them for you.

How to Learn about Mobile Marketing | KeyMedia Solutions : This is quite useful for the beginners stepping into the realms of mobile marketing.


Best mobile marketing trends in 2020


2020 has been the year of mobile marketing where the market has seen various trends in the field of mobile marketing. Even the big players like Google recognize it. Some of the trends that will decidedly have a significant impact in the near future are: 

  • The reign of Progressive Apps: Though the technology is still in the emerging phase, market pundits consider it the next big mobile thing.
  • Mobile-First Indexing: At the end of 2016, Google announced that it would index the websites on the basis of their mobile sites. 
  • The speed of the mobile matters: various studies show that if the loading time takes more than 3 seconds then bounce rate increases up to 90%.
  • Smart content: Personalized experience is the new thing in the digital world.
  • Artificial Intelligence: All predictions say that A.I. will revolutionize the scene of digital marketing.
  • Mobile Payment: Mobile payments platforms have seen a new surge like BHIM, TEZ, PAYTM etc. Paying through mobile is the latest of the trends.

Live Stream: It has been predicted that by 2019 video will gather 78% of the internet traffic.


Digital marketing of an exercise app


Marketing an app is like fighting a war on too many fronts. You need to have an arsenal full of weapons. However, what these weapons are? No! No! Don’t worry! We will tell you how you market your exercise app:

  • App Store Optimization: This includes the optimization of four aspects: title, keywords, visuals and description. This will give a higher rank to your app in the store.
  • Create a microsite: It is able to execute Search Engine Optimization thus, reaching a wider audience.
  • Promotional Videos: Visual mediums have a more significant impact on the download of the apps. Since your app is exercise based, you can show that how much a person has run or how much calories were burned can be measured by the app, or there can be regular fitness and exercise tips.

Networking: You can buy the ad space of fitness, exercise or even health sites marketing your app. You can also ask the bloggers in the particular field to write for your app. This will translate their user base into yours.

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